Trading stocks is all the rage right now. WeBull is a more traditional brokerage application. The don’t do fractional shares but they do commission free trading! When you sign up they will give 2 free stocks when you deposit $100 in your investment account. These stocks will range in value from $3 all the way up to $1850. Your chances of getting something like Google (GOOG) is about 1 in 100. I didn’t get quite that lucky when I signed up but they did give me stocks that are worth about $30.

Now, WeBull is a full featured trading application. You can do all kinds of orders with it from market orders and limit orders to buying put and call options. You can place trailing stops on your orders and all the fancy stuff, including margin trading. Just be sure you have some familiarity with trading before using their app or it could be overwhelming. You can always keep it simple by just placing normal “market” orders.

Once you are signed up you can also open a cryptocurrency account to trade the big names in crypto like VTC, ETH, and LTC. I haven’t used that feature myself though as I have other places I trade crypto.

They have a desktop and a mobile application and as well as a web app you can access from your browser. Sign up today. I hope you get lucky and get GOOG.