Walmart has recently launched Walmart Plus, their new membership program that allows you to shop on their site and get free delivery to your home. Shop for groceries, clothing, toys and games, and more. When you are finished schedule a one hour window for your delivery and Walmart will bring your order to you.

The membership costs $98 annually but using various cash back sites you can have Walmart pay you for signing up! I’ll run you through the apps you need and provide you with signup links for them. In the end you’ll pay Walmart+ $98 to sign up but receive $115 back ($75 from SwagBucks, $30 from Google Pay, and $9.80 from Dosh).

  1. You’ll need to signup for SwagBucks. This one has the biggest Walmart+ offer. They are giving you 7500 SwagBucks which you can redeem later for $75. (Get an extra $3 when you sign up with my SwagBucks referral link)
  2. Next you’ll need to sign up for Google Pay on your mobile phone or tablet. We’ll be finding an offer for $30 cash back here. (Google will give you extra cashback if you buy something on Pay if you use my referral link)
  3. The final app you’ll need is Dosh. This will be giving us another $9.80 cash back. (You can enter my code, VINCEM15, after installing the app to get another $10 bonus for your first purchase from one of Dosh’s merchants)
  4. Make sure to add the credit card you want to use for the Walmart+ subscription in both apps.
  5. Now you can signup for Walmart+
  6. Then immediately cancel Walmart+. This might seem weird but what we are trying to do here is give up our free trial so when we sign back up in a minute it will charge our credit card and trigger the rewards sites.
  7. Find the Walmart+ offer in the Google Pay app. Do this by clicking on “Explore” in the bottom left corner of the app. Look for $30 off Walmart annual plan and click the plus sign next to it.
  8. Find the Walmart+ offer on Dosh by searching in the app. Click through all the steps, selecting the credit card you are going to use when asked. Once you land on Walmart+ site do not sign up yet.
  9. Log in to SwagBucks. Find the Walmart+ signup offer and click through from it. It might be in the banner at the top or perhaps in your inbox. If not try searching for Walmart+ inside SwagBucks.
  10. Sign-up for Walmart+ again using the credit card that is on file in Dosh and Google Pay

The Dosh and Google Pay credits should show as pending their apps within minutes if not immediately. Your SwagBucks will take a little longer but they should show as pending the next day, possibly two at most.

Now you should have 12 months of free grocery delivery and a $17 profit!

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