Update: The $30 bonus ended Feb 28 but you can still get a $10 bonus instead.

M1 Finance is a stock brokerage site that I hadn’t heard of until recently but I’m definitely glad I have now. It is one of my favorites, and the $30 signup bonus doesn’t hurt.

They have no commission trading and the ability to buy fractional shares. You can buy individual stocks but what makes them different is that they allow you to setup what they call pies. Pies are groups of stocks and ETFs. Once you add them to your portfolio and buy (either in the entire portfolio or a specific pie), they buy the appropriate amount of each stock for you.

This is an site geared toward long term investment. There is only one trading window per day, so you won’t be doing any day trading here.

They also have a Plus account upgrade which they will give you free for one year if you select it. It adds a checking account that pays 1% APY and gives 1% cash back, which is pretty nice. The plus plan can be cancelled any time and also gives you an extra time slot where your trades can be executed.

The user interface at the site and in the app is pretty great. Some sites make it hard to find info like your transaction history or even your holdings for some reason, which I hate. Not here. Everything is very easy to find. If you have the android app they even have widgets for your home screen.

I really couldn’t be happier with M1. I’m so glad I found them. To get your $30 bonus just sign up, deposit $100, and once the deposit settles you should see your bonus.