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Current Music is an app that allows you to earn gift card rewards for listening to music and a few other tasks. You select a station from among the many they have, and every minute you listen gives you points, which you can then redeem for gift cards at places like, Amazon, PayPal, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Google Play, and the list goes on. It really isn’t very hard to get enough points to redeem if you like to listen to music while doing your daily tasks, and their redemption process is pretty quick.

They also have a few other ways to earn points like taking surveys, playing mobile games and completing product offers. The choice is yours. Do the things you find convenient and ignore the rest.

I’ll give you my suggestions to get the most out of it. Try to stay pretty active on it the first week. Listen to music, but also maybe try a survey or two. Check in the games section under boosters. Install a game and earn some points. This will get your points/minute rate to increase for music as well. Often they have a double points for games bonus so hopefully they’ll be having one of those (if not maybe check back the next day). The game selection isn’t the biggest but hopefully they’ll have something you want to play.

Save up for the $4 Amazon card. What you want is the little Bonus Bucks (BB) symbol that comes with it. It will boost your points per minute rate for 30 days! Don’t buy the BB card by itself. It’s cheaper yes but there is no gift card. The $1 Amazon card has a BB on it too and it would do in a pinch but the points per dollars you are paying is too much. Save up for the $4 card.

Once you have the BB you will have the option to earn a super boost. Earn 150 points somehow and it boosts your points per minute rate even more. I usually go into the games section and play one of the games I’ve installed.

Lastly, in the settings panel you have the option to turn on the charge screen. If you do this it will take over your device lock screen and you’ll earn point while you charge. A word of warning though. I tried it for a while and I noticed that sometimes my phone was warm when I came back to it so be careful! Also, I don’t think their deals/offers section is that great. You can usually find the same offers with better rewards elsewhere (like SwagBucks for instance).

I’m enjoying the Current Music app quite a bit as I’m a music lover. Hope you can get some use out of it too and earn some (mostly) passive income while doing something you were going to do anyway.

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