Earning passive income is the best since you don’t have to do anything to get it. There are 3 apps you can use on your computer to earn passive income by sharing the excess bandwidth of your internet connection. After installing the application you act as VPN for businesses that want to see what their sites look like from residential connections in particular locations.

All three of these apps work basically the same way. You create an account, download the software, and it just runs in the background on your computer.


Up first is Honeygain. In my experience it is has the most reliable earnings so if you only install one it should be this one. They have apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. The more devices you connect the higher your potential earnings.

When you sign up with my referral link, they’ll start you out with $5 worth of points in your account. You have to accumulate at least $20 to cash out to PayPal but in my experience even with one device you should be able to get that in a month or so. And if you tell your friends about it and they sign up you can earn 10% of their earnings as a bonus.

IP Royal Pawns

IP Royal Pawns works basically the same way. They only have apps for Windows though. Their minimum cash out, again to PayPal, is only $1 though, so you can try it out and if you don’t like it you can cash out and move on. You earn $0.10 per GB you share. Their only referral bonus is you get a 10% of earnings bonus on the people you refer. This one is the new kid on the block but I’ve been getting steady traffic from them.


Last is PacketStream. It works the same way as the others, the same $0.10 per GB and the same 10% bonus on people you refer. I haven’t got much traffic through them yet. Not sure if that will change but I hope so.

You can run all three programs at once without any trouble so go ahead and include it in the mix. You aren’t going to get rich running these programs but the little bit of extra cash is nice.

If you are looking for more ways to earn passive income you can check out Current Music which is mostly passive earning where you get paid to listen to online radio stations.